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As a responsible home owner, you should know your property’s condition. With our level of expertise in the industry you can trust us in providing you with comprehensive home inspection services.

Message from the President of Skyline Home Inspections, LLC

Family is everything to me. My father was an electrician who worked on fighter planes in the Navy and in the nuclear power plant here at home. He taught me everything there is to know about electrical work and is my go to for knowledge and advice.  My mother, the hardest working woman I’ve ever known, retired 30 years with the postal service. My brother, and best friend, still serving 10 years plus in the United States Air Force. I owe everything I have to them. They instilled the core values I live by today.

My first job in high school was for a HVAC company called Thermal Management. I installed insulation in homes and serviced air conditioning systems for several years. My passion for helping people grew and led me to become a firefighter. First as a volunteer in the Florida Keys. Then, to my first full-time job working for Kissimmee Fire in Central Florida. Two years passed, and I made my way back home to South Florida.

Now with over 10 years of service I have learned about building construction, safety, and the systems of a home. I have performed many building/home inspections even before I became a licensed home inspector. Unfortunately, I have seen the damages caused by system failures. Improper installations, poor maintenance and homeowner neglect can cause fires, structural instability, environmental issues, water leaks, and more. I know the importance of a home inspection.

I promise to deliver a thorough home inspection with the same care as I would for my own family. I take great pride in the community I live in and serve. It would be an honor to serve you in one of the biggest investments of your life.

Thank you,

Alex Carrasquillo

Quality Customer Service

At skyline home inspections we always go the extra mile to deliver the quality customer service that you deserve.

Latest Technology and Continuing Education

We are not only licensed in the state of Florida. We are also InterNACHI certified home inspectors which means we are required to obtain numerous amounts of hours of continuing education. We utilize the latest tools and equipment to provide you with as much information possible regarding your property investment. Keeping up with technology and consistently continuing our education helps us lead the way in a forever changing industry. Equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, gas meters, circuit analyzers, drones, and telescoping camera poles are used to help diagnose the condition of your property.

We believe in the modern home inspection.